Fly the Ford at AirVenture!
Buy Your Ticket Now and Avoid the Lines

Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of flight in the world's first mass-produced airliner! EAA's 1929 Model 4-AT will operate throughout each day giving passengers a memorable flight experience and an incredible view of the AirVenture grounds. Each flight experience lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Flying the Ford is easy and buying your ticket online is even easier. Just pick the AirVenture day that you want to fly and print out your ticket as part of the online purchase.

On the day you've chosen to fly, take the printed ticket to the Tri-Motor Operations Building (located in the Warbirds area of the AirVenture site) to confirm a specific departure time for that day. Buying your ticket in advance allows you use a special "Pre-Paid" window and avoid lines for purchases being made that day. As flights are booked on a first come basis, it is strongly recommended that you arrive at the Tri-Motor Operations Building before 9:30 am to ensure that you are able to fly that day.

Price: $75 per seat

  Ford Tri-motor

Ford Tri-motor