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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed AvMap Announces Ultra EFIS
AvMap launched its new Ultra EFIS for the light airplane and experimental markets this week at AirVenture.

By Marino Boric, European Correspondent

August 2, 2013 - AvMap, Italian manufacturer of GPS equipment since 1994, announced this week the Ultra EFIS, a standalone unit providing air data, attitude, heading, and altitude reference.

The AvMap Ultra EFIS has a 3.5-inch, ultra-bright, sunlight-readable LCD display. The unit is compact (only 1.95 inches installing depth) and ultra light - only 5.1 ounces.

The AvMap Ultra EFIS can be easily installed in a panel fitting in a standard 3.3-inch panel hole and is connected to the included GPS receiver and to the aircraft pitot-static system to provide reliable ADAHRS.

The AvMap Ultra EFIS is, according to the manufacturer, designed for light-sport, ultralight, and experimental aircraft. The company drew on its eight years of motion and flight control experience in UAV navigation. The unit contains solid-state gyros, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, air data sensors, and UAV navigation motion processor.

The PFD screen displays attitude (roll, pitch, and heading), airspeed and altitude (pitot-static system based), wind sideslip, and vertical speed.

AvMap CEO Guillermo Parodi commented, "Ultra is now the most compact, reliable, and complete primary flight display of its type in the world."

AvMap now gives to the pilot the possibility to choose the EFIS solution: standalone or integrated with EKP V. According to cockpit space availability, either two displays or one unique device can be chosen. The Ultra EFIS is the standalone solution for panel mounting; owners of EKP V may consider buying the A2 ADAHRS module to be used together with the cockpit docking station to complete the AvMap EFIS set.

The Ultra EFIS will be on sale starting this fall at $1,200, while the complete AvMap EFIS set (EKP V plus cockpit docking station and A2 ADAHRS) retails at $2,750.

For more information visit Exhibit 3025 or see them online at www.AvMap.us.


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