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AirVenture Cup winner
Marty Abbott with his AirVenture Cup-winning Turbine Legend, C-GUTT. (photo by Phil Weston)

July 29, 2013 - The AirVenture Cup Race was delayed until Monday, but when the numbers were tabulated, the overall winner in the 48-plane race was Marty Abbott in his Turbine Legend, with an average speed of 354.3 mph.

You can see the race planes parked in the Homebuilts area on the flightline. Here are the results for the 16 race classes.

Turbine: first place: Turbine Legend, C-GUTT, Marty Abbott, 354.30 mph; second place, Turbine Legend, N95007, Rene Dugas, 307.36 mph

Unlimited: first place: GP-5, N501GP, Lee Behel, 324.9 mph

Sport: SX-300, N301E, Harry Hinkley, 314.54 mph; second place (tie), SX-300, N53SX, Keith Phillips, Lancair Legacy, and N550AC, Alan Crawford, 277.96 mph; third place, Lancair Legacy, N550BL, Charles Bracken and Ernie Chauvin, 277.44 mph

Sport FX: first place: F-1 Rocket, N39EJ, John Andersen, 220.11 mph

Sea Sport: first place: Seawind 3000, N80CC, Keith Walljasper, 166.7 mph

Formula RG Blue: first place: Lancair 360, N3QU, Mark Quinn, 242.55 mph; Berkut, N97TX, James and Sandy Redmon, 239.32 mph; Lancair 360, N73S, Craig Schulze, 239.01 mph

Formula RG Red: first place: Lancair 320, N324C, Robert James, 216.91 mph

Formula FX Blue: first place: Glasair I TD, N91LH, Bruce Hammer, 258.2 mph; Long-EZ, N360KS, Klaus Savier and Jenny Tackabury, 253.92 mph; Glasair I TD, N73SH, Steve Hammer, 242.97 mph

Formula FX Red: first place: Cozy Mk. III, N46WM, Jeff Mallia, 221.64 mph; Long-EZ, N893LT, Rich Lamb and Heather Lamb, 210.62 mph; Glasair II TD, N251RB, Neil Newton, 206.86 mph

RV Blue: first place: RV-8, N207RV, Jon Ross, 216.24 mph; RV-6, N790DW, Jeff Barnes, 215.56 mph; RV-8, N12AC, Alan Carroll, 208.39 mph

RV Red: first place RV-4, N624DG, Tony Crawford, 204.3 mph Sprint: first place: Long-EZ, N83DT, David Adams, 205.48 mph; Quickie Q-200, N202SH, Sam Hoskins, 171.94 mph; Midget Mustang, N825J, John Keich and Amanda Lance, 169.45 mph

Vintage: first place: Taylorcraft BC-12, N43955, Carri Hoagland, 84.2 mph

FAC1RG: first place: Beech S35, N193Q, Bob and AnnElise Bennett, 212.54 mph; Mooney M20J, N4262H, Henry Punzi, 201.82 mph; third place: PA-24-400, N88WB, Colin Hogan and Robby Browder, 187.01 mph

FAC6FX: first place: Diamond DA-20, N402AM, Steve Applebaum, 146.38 mph

Heavy Metal: first place: CJ-6, N285CJ, Craig Payne, 187.56 mph


FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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