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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed Now It's Where?: A Quick Guide to AirVenture 2013 Changes

As occurs every year, there are some areas at Oshkosh this year that are new or in new locations. Here are a few of them so far for 2013 ...

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Flightline Tents (previously known as Chalets): As promised, those have been moved. There will be two smaller locations in 2013, using space that had already been occupied by other structures in previous years. One will be near Homebuilt Headquarters on the north end, with the other in the space occupied by a tent just south of the Comm Center. Essentially, they are moving from the singular location you saw at AirVenture 2012, back to the multiple locations they were in 2011.

Chapters/Young Eagles: Those groups, which were previously in two buildings along Knapp Street Road, will now be just west of the Welcome Center in a building that was occupied by the EAA Sweepstakes for the past several years.

Concert Stage: The stage is moving off the northwest corner of Phillips 66 Plaza to a site just off the north edge of the Plaza. It will allow weeklong use of the stage for presentations during the day and other events in the evening, without interfering with aircraft movements on the ramp.

EAA Radio: The facility's former structure was torn down after the 2012 event. The old Chapter building will be moved next to the AirVenture Today building and used as one of at least two structures for EAA Radio, as part of a future Media Complex area.

Education (College) Park: This is a new area on the northwest corner of Waukau Avenue and Knapp Street Road that was formerly the light-sport aircraft exhibit area. College aviation programs will exhibit and be highlighted in this area, with special programs such as the aviation college and jobs fairs.

Food Program: EAA and Zaug's have ended their longtime concession relationship. New local and national concessionaires are being signed that will provide wider menu options. In additional good news, water prices will be reduced and standardized throughout the grounds at $2 a bottle.

Innovations Pavilion: Formerly in the old Central Exhibit Building on the flightline, this area for emerging technology and aircraft will move to the tent just south of the Welcome Center, which last year was the Learn To Fly Center.

International Visitors Tent: This area will move one "block" to the north in the exhibit area in what was Embry Riddle's exhibit space in 2012.

Restrooms (New): A new indoor restroom facility is being added to the east side of Exhibit Hangar B for 2013. This will eliminate the portable toilets that were adjacent to Theater in the Woods and also provide facilities for EAA's year-round use during building rentals for other events.

Sound System (flightline): Work with the Comm Center "Green Gang" continues to update the 20-year-old speakers on the flight line, which may eliminate the need for portable sound systems to be added in 2013.

Sweepstakes Building: The former Young Eagles building is being refitted as the Sweepstakes building, which will now be located just west from the Comm Center, across Wittman Road.

Volunteer Center: The flightline Volunteer Center, formerly east of the Federal Pavilion on the flightline, is being included in the Convention Headquarters building and will be located at the windows on the northeast corner of that building.

Volunteer Park: This park-like shade area, just east of the Volunteer Kitchen, will include benches and tables for volunteers to gather for events and meals. It will be ready for the 2013 event.

There will undoubtedly be some additional details on other areas to pass along in future months, so stay tuned!


FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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