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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS Feed EAA Expands Homebuilt Aircraft Council
Rick Weiss
Rick Weiss
Joe Gauthier
Joe Gauthier
Fred Keip
Fred Keip
Gary Baker
Gary Baker
Randy Hooper
Randy Hooper
Keith Phillips
Keith Phillips
Dave Prizio
Dave Prizio

EAA announced it has expanded the Homebuilt Aircraft Council (HAC) to seven members. The council will be focusing on safety issues-especially issues raised by the recent NTSB study regarding experimental amateur-built aircraft-as well as ongoing concerns with the major portion (51 percent) rule for the E-AB category.

In addition, the council will actively seek to strengthen its role as the voice of the amateur airplane builder community.

Committee members Rick Weiss, Joe Gauthier, and Fred Keip are being joined by Gary Baker, Randy Hooper, Keith Phillips, and Dave Prizio.

HAC Chairman Rick Weiss, who is an EAA board of directors' member, flies a Kitfox V and is building an RV-7A. He has flown many GA aircraft, is type-rated in a variety of jets, and is an airplane, seaplane, and helicopter instructor as well as an A&P. Weiss also serves as EAA technical counselor and flight advisor for Chapter 288 in Daytona Beach, where he resides with his wife, Brenda.

He earned his bachelor's degree in aero engineering from Parks College and an MSM from Rollins College. Weiss joined NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) as a propulsion engineer on the Saturn V & 1B rocket programs and was also KSC's lead main propulsion systems engineer on the space shuttle.

He later joined the FAA as director of GA and vertical flight research and development and technical assistant to the administrator. He later was EAA's Washington, D.C., representative, then flew for Delta/Atlantic Southeast Airlines, also serving on the ALPA Safety Committee and as chief accident investigator until retiring in 2006.

Builder of four airplanes, Joe Gauthier is now working on a fifth-a GlaStar. He is an active technical counselor and a flight advisor in the Connecticut area, an A&P, and CFII specializing in homebuilt transition, instrument, and spin training.

Gauthier has made 60 first flights in homebuilt airplanes, is a member and officer of Chapter 166 in Hartford, Connecticut, and volunteers at AirVenture in the builders' workshop. He's a past recipient of EAA's Major Achievement Award, EAA's President's Award, and was FAA Region CFI of the year and Safety Counselor of the Year.

A private pilot since 1974, Fred Keip has been an EAA and Chapter 18 member since 1975. He served 10 years as chapter president, has been in several other positions, and is currently vice president.

Keip has been an EAA technical counselor since 1987 specializing in tube and fabric and aluminum construction. He scratch-built a Sonerai IIL and has been flying it since 1986. Keip also built a set of wings for an Acrosport, a set of wings for a Sonerai IILS, and is currently scratch-building a Wag-Aero Wag-A-Bond.

Keip received the EAA Major Achievement Award in 1995 and was editor/publisher of the Sonerai newsletter from 1997 to 2010, presenting the Sonerai Builders Forum and others here since 1997.

Keip earned a bachelor's in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1972, and he has worked in mechanical engineering and technical service support in the mining and construction equipment industries most of his career. He currently works as a technical support specialist for CNH America LLC in Racine, Wisconsin, and resides with his wife, Marian, in Franksville.

Gary Baker, who started flying at age 19, is a 737 captain for United Airlines. He lives in Medina, Ohio, serving as president of Chapter 846 in nearby Wadsworth.

Baker is s a CFII and serves as flight advisor for his chapter. He is also an active Young Eagles pilot.

Baker continues to work on his RV-6 project, balancing work, flying, and building in a juggling act known well by many EAAers. He's an EAA Lifetime member, and is especially interested in preserving and strengthening the Flight Advisor program.

Randy Hooper, of Nashville, Tennessee, is a longtime pilot and EAA Lifetime member. Along with his own RV-8, he's helped others build numerous airplanes over the last 20 years-and has started a second RV-8.

Hooper is a past president and vice president of Chapter 863 in Lebanon, Tennessee, an A&P/IA, and technical counselor. Randy is especially interested in policies directly related to E-AB aircraft building.

Keith Phillips lives in Spruce Creek, Florida-one of the most well-known air parks in the U.S. He grew up in Napoleon, Michigan, soloed at age 16, and is a lifelong aviator.

Phillips worked for B.D. Maule in Napoleon before joining the Air Force and served 20 years as a fighter pilot.

Over the years he has built a modified Tailwind, a Swearingen SX300, and a Pitts Model 12. A past president of Chapter 288 in Daytona Beach, Phillips is also an A&P/IA and serves as a technical counselor and flight advisor.

He received both the FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic and Wright Brothers Master Pilot awards.

Dave Prizio lives in Tustin, California, and has been a pilot for nearly 40 years. He is a member of Chapter 92 in Orange County, California, and serves as a Young Eagles pilot, aviation merit badge counselor, and a technical counselor.

Prizio has built three airplanes including a GlaStar, a Glasair Sportsman, and a Texas Sport (Legend) Cub. In addition, he has helped many others-especially GlaStar builders-complete their airplanes. Prizio also served as president of the GlaStar & Sportsman Association for eight years.

He hopes to do what he can to promote amateur-built safety and increase participation in aviation.


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