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Flying Musicians Association

The Flying Musicians Association's first "FMA AirVenture MusicJams" will take place Monday through Friday during this year's convention, 7-10 p.m. nightly in Honda Forums Plaza Forum Building 9. Each night will start out with a scheduled performer, followed by special guests, an open mic segment, and concluding with an open jam.

If you have room for your guitar, sax, flute, or other musical instrument in your plane, bring it along and let's jam! Performers are invited to come early and sign up for an open mic slot. "You never know who will show up," said FMA co-founder John Zapp.

Adds FMA co-founder Aileen Hummel, "The number of Flying Musicians will astonish some but certainly not the music- and aviation-minded individual."

More from FMA at AirVenture 2011

This year at AirVenture FMA performers will play under the Brown Arch on Tuesday, July 26, from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Suzanne Brindamour, who composed and performed the music for the popular documentary Barnstorming, will perform at 11:30. At 12:30 p.m., hear Dr. Ian B. Fries, accordion player extraordinaire. You'll also find a Flying Musician performing at the Sennheiser Pavilion Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Bring your lunch, sit a spell, and enjoy the music.

A special FMA presentation, "Symphony in the Skies: A Correlation Between Aviation and Music," will be presented on Monday, July 25, 2:30-3:45 p.m. in Forum Pavilion 1. Have you ever wondered why there are so many pilots who play music and why there are so many musicians who fly? What do these seemingly unrelated pursuits have in common? Are the musically inclined better equipped to learn to fly? The Flying Musicians have compiled a lot of information to answer these as well as other information.

Throughout the week visit the Flying Musicians Association's informational table in the Vintage Hangar (No. 269 on the online map) to find out more about this popular, fast-growing group of passionate aviators and musicians. You'll never know who will be there so visit and perhaps we'll strike up a tune! For more information, visit the FMA website.

FMA AirVenture MusicJam Schedule

Monday, July 25 - MC: Aileen Hummel
Scheduled performer: Alex & Marti Whitmore with Aileen Hummel - Alex and Marti are both pilots and very talented musicians as are their two famous daughters, Eleanor and Bonnie. You will certainly want to hear the two of them perform along with Aileen Hummel. So come on out Monday and enjoy "home-cooked Texas style music with humor for dessert."

Tuesday, July 26 - MC: John Zapp
Scheduled performer: Ravi - Most folks have heard of "Hanson," a pop band that stormed the charts in the 1990s. Ravi was a guitarist for the band, working frenzied crowds at numerous venues including the White House. As a pilot and singer/songwriter, Ravi will entertain you on Tuesday evening with originals you may think are familiar.

Wednesday, July 27 - MC: Aileen Hummel
Scheduled performer: Bradley Leighton - Don't ask Bradley if he wants to go up in an aerobatic plane! After obtaining his private pilot certificate, he literally took that certificate as a license to learn. Now having his tailwheel endorsement, aerobatics are close in pursuit. Living and playing in the San Diego area, Bradley is known as the Flute Guy, but don't be surprised if you hear him at your favorite jazz club from coast to coast. His style of popular and jazz flute playing is awesome.

Thursday, July 28 - MC: John Zapp
Scheduled performer: Elgin Wells - Look in the night sky; what is that? Other than being an Atlanta jazz artist and singer/songwriter, Wells built his own one-off aerobatic plane adorned with LED lights and a huge sound system to perform night aerobatics to his own compositions. "I'm a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta, having produced 12 albums, with numbers 13 and 14 nearing completion (one jazz/blues, the other more folk/pop)," Wells said.

Friday, July 29 - MC: Ravi
Scheduled performer: David Peel - Do you remember the TV show The Virginian? How about Daniel Boone? Peel took a detour from music to act when he left Tennessee for California. He said, "(When I was a child) I was so convinced I could fly that I attempted to build a full-scale glider using my dad's tools and his best wood." Now living in Colorado and with a string of country hits and five albums, Peel completely captivates his audiences with a large variety of musical styles and crowd-pleasing favorites.


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