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Extensive storm water efforts create drier campgrounds
Ditch in Paul's Woods
Expanded drainage ditches in Paul's Woods in Camp Scholler will move water more effectively from the campsites and roads.
Ditch from Schaick to Lindbergh looking south
Grass is already sprouting in the expanded drainage area between Schaick and Lindbergh Avenues in Camp Scholler. This system will move water off the campgrounds more rapidly.
Ditch along Knapp Street Road
A wider and deeper drainage ditch along Knapp Street Road, between the North 40 and the Civil Air Patrol compound, will keep those areas and Warbirds camping drier after heavy rains.

Editor's Note: Campsites south of Lindbergh Road to about Elm Ave. and west of 28th Street to 24th Street were re-leveled, and that is the only area closed for 2011. We apologize for any confusion.

By Dick Knapinski, Communications Director, EAA 494456

Creating a better experience for everyone. That's the goal behind the extensive storm water movement projects on the AirVenture grounds this year, following the record-breaking rains of July 2010 that swamped some parts of the grounds.

Expanded water flow improvements in several Camp Scholler areas will greet arrivals as they begin to stake out their favorite locations beginning next Friday, June 24. The expanded channels were designed to move storm water off the grounds to natural runoff paths more quickly and keep camping areas drier.

Among the first areas to receive attention was near 28th Street in the campground, with a new north/south drainage area established near campsites most severely affected by last year's rains. Those were the sites and roadways that became impassible when 10 inches of rain fell in the 24 days prior to 2010's opening day.

In addition, campsites south of Lindbergh Road to about Elm Ave. and west of 28th Street to 24th Street were re-leveled. That specific area will not be open during AirVenture 2011 to allow it time to firmly settle.

"We actually caught a break in those areas, because we discovered old farm field drain tile that still existed but had been covered with sediment and stones through the years," said Steve Taylor, EAA's buildings and grounds manager. "We were able to use that and a catch basin that we also uncovered."

Other areas with expanded drain channels include:

  • Paul's Woods, just west of Knapp Street Road
  • Warbirds Camping and the Red Lot auto parking area, with expanded drainage between the Civil Air Patrol compound and the North 40
  • Waukau Avenue, just north of the Blue Lot auto parking area and the Nature Center

Work in the Vintage Aircraft parking area near the Hangar Café and in the Ultralight area will also be completed prior to next month's opening day.

"Our goal is to keep water moving off the site and keep as many parking and camping areas as usable as possible even during summers with heavy rains," Taylor said. "When it did rain this spring, the improvements worked very well."

Other site improvements this year included extensive chip sealing of internal roads, notably the Foundation Road traffic loop used by thousands of vehicles each day to exit the AirVenture site.


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