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Several Oshkosh-bound for Naval Aviation Centennial
See these and more photos here.
T-45 Goshawk
A T-45 Goshawk painted in a pre-World War II tactical aircraft paint scheme flies over Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas.  Larger view
S-3 Viking
This S3-B Viking is outfitted in Battle of Midway colors. Larger view
MH-60S helicopter
An MH-60S helicopter makes its first flight after being repainted in 1950s Sea Blue livery. Larger view
Perhaps the most unusual paint scheme of the project: The current Navy Working Uniform pattern on an F/A-18F. Larger view
With EAA AirVenture being a designated Tier 1 event for the Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration next year, get ready for a host of special appearances and activities in Oshkosh next July. While many initiatives have yet to be announced, one special treat is confirmed and well underway: re-painting several current inventory airplanes in colors from previous eras.

"It's all part of our outreach to help celebrate the centennial of naval aviation," said Capt. Richard Dann, Director of History and Outreach for the centennial. "We're attempting to teach about the heritage, which many people may not be aware of."

Examples of already completed aircraft include a pair of T-45 Goshawks painted in yellow-winged, pre-World War II tactical aircraft schemes; an S-3B Viking done up in the colors of naval airplanes that fought in the Battle of Midway; an HH-60H Seahawk helicopter painted like those of Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron THREE (HAL-3) Seawolf fire teams from the Vietnam era; and an F/A-18F with a truly unique scheme modeled after the current Navy Working Uniform.

These aircraft "in every manner of heritage paint" will take part in designated Tier 1 events - including AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 - that will celebrate the naval aviation centennial, Dann said. Although he could not commit to which airplanes would be participating at Oshkosh, he indicated that several of the approximately 26 aircraft will appear.

With 10 planes already completed and three in the paint shop, another 13 or so are slated to undergo the classic makeover. Here is a list of the airplanes, schemes they represent, and status:

Completed aircraft

  • T-45C - Yellow Wings (Black Tail)
  • T-45C - Yellow Wings (Blue Tail)
  • HH-60H - HAL-3 " TH-57C - 1916 with anchor insignia
  • MH-60S - 1950s Sea Blue
  • MH-60S - 1950s Sea Blue
  • T-6B - Trainer Yellow - complete, new at factory
  • S-3B - Battle of Midway
  • F/A-18F - Navy Working Uniform
  • MH-60R - Three-tone WWII

Currently being painted

  • T-39N - Yellow Wings (Blue Tail)
  • TC-12B - 1942 with red and white rudder
  • T-44 - NC-4 Flying Boat (1919)

Planned/Not started

  • T-34C - USCG 1930s
  • T-34C - USMC 1930s
  • T-34C - USN 1930s
  • F/A-18C - USNR 1950s
  • F/A-18 - Three-tone WWII
  • EA-6B - Coral Sea
  • EA-18G - Three-tone WWII
  • F/A-18C - T&E Paint
  • F/A-18C - Shangri La Air Group Glossy Sea Blue (tentative)
  • EA-6B - 1970s
  • F/A-18C - Mid-WWII
  • P-3C - VP-44 Battle of Midway
  • P-3C - Seaplane Gray/White
  • UH-1N - USMC MoH aircraft

FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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