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AVT duo records North 40 - follow up to 2006's AirVenture Blues

Ric Reynolds (left) and James Wynbrandt (right) make a studio copy of their new AirVenture song North 40 which made its world debut on the AirVenture Sunday edition of Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast on EAA Radio.

AirVenture Today's James Wynbrandt and Ric Reynolds do a lot of writing about AirVenture for the daily newspaper during AirVenture Oshkosh. Over the years they have noted their observations and sometimes have converted them into prose.

Wynbrandt and Reynolds both sing and play guitar when they aren't at their real jobs - James as a freelance aviation writer and Ric as a News Editor for EAA Publications. In 2006 they wrote the song AirVenture Blues as a paean to the finality of Sunday at AirVenture.

As they did in 2006, this year they introduced their new song, North 40, on the Sunday episode of Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast.

Listen to North 40 | Listen to AirVenture Blues

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