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Forward Vision EVS earns insurance discount
Forward Vision Systems, Inc., and Aggressive Insurance, a Texas-based aircraft insurance company, announced this week at EAA AirVenture 2010 that aircraft equipped with Forward Vision’s DO-160E-certified enhanced vision system (EVS) will be eligible for a discount on their policies.

Effective immediately, Aggressive will provide a five-percent credit applicable to both liability and hull coverage premiums when this approved EVS system is installed. A maximum credit of 15 percent will be applied when up to three safety features (i.e., EVS system, aircraft parachute, and airbag systems) are installed in the aircraft.

Patrick Farrell, CEO of Forward Vision thanked Aggressive Insurance for recognizing his company’s EVS can help make flying safer for pilots and their families: “Recognizing Forward Vision EVS as an enhancer of safety and providing such a significant savings for operators will reward those aircraft owners for their efforts to reduce risk in their flying.”

Richard Asprey, president of Aggressive Insurance, said, “The Forward Vision EVS typifies the benefits of this type of equipment.

“Once again, Aggressive is proud to be a leader in responding to advancing safety technology and will continue to recognize those consumers who utilize such EVS devices as well as AmSafe’s airbag systems and BRS’s Ballistic Recovery System parachutes.”

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