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Flight Design adds amphib, full-motion sim
German airframer Flight Design GmbH this week brought two new developments to EAA AirVenture 2010, helping round out its popular line of light-sport aircraft.

In addition to announcing a full-motion simulator for its CTLS model, the company is offering its new CTLS-Lite model on amphibious floats.
Flight Design distributor Airtime Aviation, in cooperation with Clamar Floats, developed the seaplane version.

In association with Iowa Flight Training, Flight Design developed its Dreamflyer full-motion flight simulator based on the popular X-Plane software platform for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Panel layouts and flight characteristics reportedly are very true to the actual aircraft.

By using gravity to generate motions, Dreamflyer eliminates the need for and costly maintenance of hydraulics and motors.

Retail price for a ready-to-use single-monitor Dreamflyer with computer and X-Plane software for CTLS is $6,000 in the continental United States and Canada. An optional three-monitor assembly kit is available for an additional $199.

“Since Dreamflyer needs only a 3-foot-by-6-foot footprint, any flight school has space to locate this breakthrough piece of equipment,” said John Gilmore, national sales manager for Flight Design USA.

“We’ve been working on the X-Plane software for more than a year and now we can add full-motion reality to the Flight Design Pilot Center experience.”

Meanwhile, the company said the float system on its amphibious CTLS-Lite model is constructed from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and S-glass, making the floats substantially lighter than aluminum or composite floats of the same displacement.

Each float has four compartments and can support 1,430 pounds, which is the legal limit for a light-sport seaplane. Landing gear is operated by an all-electric 12-volt system. A visual notification system for gear position is standard and audio gear warning is available at extra cost.

“The Clamar floats match the structure and the feel of the Flight Design planes,” said Tom Peghiny, president of importer Flight Design USA.
Installed price on a customer’s airplane has been set at $38,000 for the amphibious float option, a price which includes all component parts, the mechanical work, and all FAA documentation.

For more information on Flight Design’s line of light-sport aircraft, visit the company’s website at www.FlightDesignUSA.com, or drop by booth 83-87 in the Main Aircraft Display area near the AirVenture main gate.

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