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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS FeedScheme Designers launches custom design decal kits for Cirrus Aircraft
Scheme Designers Inc., the world’s largest provider of aircraft paint schemes and decal designs, said this week it has developed a new product for older Cirrus aircraft: a range of new decal designs, sold as a kit, for quick, easy, and efficient replacement of old, faded appliqués. The company developed this new product line in conjunction with LoPresti Aviation.

Cirrus aircraft are commonly sold with vinyl decal designs over a white, silver, or gold base. As the fleet ages, the factory installed decals reach the end of their service life well before the base paint, sometimes resulting in cracked, faded, worn, or eroded decals.

And replacement kits from Cirrus Design are expensive—and date the aircraft.

In response, Scheme Designers created 12 new decal designs specifically for Cirrus airframes. Each design is available in five standard color combinations, providing a total of 60 options from which a Cirrus owner can choose.

“Naturally, there are some owners that are going to want non-standard color combinations,” stated Craig Barnett, CEO of Scheme Designers, “and that is why we offer an additional option for each design allowing clients to work with us to create custom color combinations against their selected design.

“This gives clients limitless color choices.”

Scheme Designers has developed a network of paint shops to replace older decal schemes, or clients can choose to have Scheme Designers apply the new decals at its Arcola, Florida, facility.

Installation requires removal of all older decals, thoroughly cleaning and buffing the aircraft to remove any decal residue and to ensure a clean, smooth, unfaded paint surface, onto which the new decal scheme will be positioned and installed.

The paint shop can also address any paint blemishes at the same time. Installation time is typically two to three days, not counting paint-shop time.

A complete list of paint shops is provided on the Scheme Designers website at www.SchemeDesigners.com.

“A Cirrus is a very special and innovative aircraft, and owners take great pride in all aspects of their aircraft’s fit and finish,” commented RJ Siegel, CEO of LoPresti Aviation. “These new products give owners new and affordable choices for their aircraft, providing increased pride in ownership and ramp appeal.”

The designs will be available to view and kits can be purchased at the Scheme Designers booth, number 3056 in the northwest corner of Exhibit Hangar C.

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