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Is this the World's Loudest Airplane?
Small plane packs a 200 decibel punch

The owner/builder of a one-of-a-kind monoplane called the Starjammer claims the aircraft's custom, on-board sound system can create sounds as loud as 200 decibels, which would likely make it the loudest airplane in history - louder than Concorde, and louder even than the Space Shuttle!

Elgin Wells, aerobatic performer and accomplished musician and composer from Atlanta, Georgia, has built the Starjammer over the course of 14 years. It began life as a One Design project, very heavily modified over time with a lengthened fuselage and completely redesigned wing. Most unusually, the Starjammer also incorporates a large speaker and amplification system, including modified police car sirens, which play music he composes to accompany his aerobatic performances. Wells says his system pushes 1,000 watts of power through the onboard speakers.

The Starjammer also has 225 super bright LED lights installed in the winds and fuselage, and a smoke system with five streams - one in the center, one on each wingtip, and two on the horizontal stabilizer - to create a super-sensory airplane for both day and night air show performances. The LED lights are MIDI-controlled to synchronize with the music.

Even though the plane is loud, significant effort has been made to quiet the engine. Wells' slightly modified 220hp Lycoming IO-360 Wells has dual 4-ft Swiss mufflers incorporated into the belly pan. The engine turns a Hoffman hub with MT blades (and he's investigating putting LEDs on the prop as well).

Wells is bringing Starjammer to Oshkosh for its world public debut and plans to have it on display near the IAC building next to AeroShell Square. Stay tuned for more information about this one-of-a-kind screamer, which appears to be another of the many must-see (and must-hear) aircraft attending the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration.

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