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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS FeedStinson Model 'O' Re-Creation Confirmed for Oshkosh

A re-creation of the 1933 Stinson Model O will travel
to Oshkosh in July.

The Model O was the only open cockpit aircraft
ever produced by Stinson.

A full-scale reproduction of a 1933 Stinson Model O, or Senior Trainer, will appear at AirVenture Oshkosh this summer, reports H.G. Frautschy, executive director of the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association.

The plane, a two-place parasol flown from the front seat, was the only open cockpit aircraft ever produced by Stinson. The reproduction was built in 28 months - comprising some 7,000 to 8,000 man-hours - by the craftsman at Evergreen Aviation Services and Restoration at the Scappoose Airport (SPB) just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Plans for the aircraft are unavailable, but since the airplane was originally built using the modified wings, tail, landing gear, and firewall forward of a Stinson "SR" series Reliant, a Reliant project was purchased to use as the base for the Model O. Evergreen also had a set of 20 photos from which they were able to reverse-engineer the rest.

"There was a lot of head-scratching involved," said Jeff Paulson, Evergreen co-owner, noting that two of the photos were key to the project. One showed the uncovered center section, which revealed its "hourglass" shape, and the other a side view of the bare fuselage.

Like the original, this re-creation is also powered by a Lycoming R680 engine turning a Hamilton Standard constant-speed propeller. As was done for the original airplane, all fairings were hand-formed from aluminum. No fiberglass was used in the construction.

"We're definitely planning to be in Oshkosh this year," Paulson said. "It will be a long two-day flight or an easy three-day flight, but we plan to be there the Friday before opening day."

Speaking of flights, Paulson flew the airplane for the first time on March 24 and has since accumulated 8.3 hours in it. But a recent flight garnered a lot of attention.

He experienced a forced landing Saturday, April 10, on Interstate 5 north of Portland, Oregon, when he was unable to switch fuel tanks because of a malfunction in the mechanical linkage. He landed safely in the northbound lane, causing no damage or injuries. While on the ground, with the highway closed off by emergency crews, he was able to switch over to the second tank. After about a half-hour, he took off and returned safely to SPB.

"That's been fixed," Paulson said.

The Model O was originally designed by Robert Hall (of Gee Bee fame) as a military trainer and was configured for aerial machine gunning and bombing. A total of 10 were made in 1933 and 1934, five of which were sold to Honduras, three to China, and one to Brazil. The prototype stayed in the U.S. and ended up as an instrument trainer in Long Beach, California. It then was moved to Love Field in Texas at the start of WWII, and fell off the CAA registry in 1945.

The replica was commissioned by Brad Poling and Jim Teel, of Sacramento, California.

Evergreen Aviation Services will hold an open house this Saturday, April 17, at their facility located at 53690 Airport Rd, Scappoose (12 noon-4 p.m.). For more information call 503-543-6330.

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