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By George Wilhelmsen

August 6, 2009 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin  - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 is in our rear view mirror now, but the event was chock full of exciting news in avionics and other related equipment. Here’s a quick reference review to give you the basics of what was new, improved, or just plain interesting. Look for a more detailed review of the best new or improved devices in the October issue of EAA Sport Aviation.

Garmin G500 – This new G500 PFD/MFD ($15,995) has the same form as the G600, with less features and a much lower cost. The unit can be upgraded over time, making it a flexible platform for people who are building or looking to retrofit a glass panel into their plane. The G500 received FAA certification at AirVenture.  www.garmin.com

Bendix/King AV80R ACE – Bringing the paperless cockpit one closer to becoming affordable is the new AV80R ACE ($1,999). The unit has a seven-inch color display, which includes charts, approach plates and airport diagrams.  www.bendixking.com

Electronics International – MVP-50 ($4,295 to $4,725) – This STC’d device monitors all engine parameters on a color LCD display. The unit will cover the gamut of engine functions including the electrical system.  www.Buy-EI.com

Avidyne – Avidyne announced several changes to its product line at the show, including a new lower cost FMS400 flight management system. The FMS400 configuration allows Cirrus owners that do not require full WAAS precision approach capability to still be able to use the Entegra Release 9 and FMS functionality, with future upgrades available if desired.

Release 9 is available in three versions. The Silver version ($39,500) includes dual FMS400 displays, a single ADAHRS, and dual XGA high resolution displays, with synthetic vision as a $5000 option. The Gold version ($59,000) includes dual FMS900w WAAS Systems in place of the FMS400 displays, as well as a keyboard and Synthetic Vision, with shipping in September. Finally, the Platinum version ($72,800) has dual ADAHRS, and is now shipping.  www.avidyne.com

Insight G3 – ($2,795 to $3,000) This next generation engine monitor was just approved by Transport Canada as a primary replacement for cylinder and exhaust gas temperature, including turbine inlet temperature. The new unit includes vibration analysis and engine monitoring functions that make this compact unit more of a MFD than an engine monitor. FAA approval is expected in the near future.  www.insightavionics.com

Dynon – SkyView – Excitement was building quickly as Dynon showed off its new SkyView integrated avionics suite (price TBD). The new unit will be available around December, and the company was taking orders on this unit which has a PFD, synthetic vision, moving map, terrain, engine monitor, autopilot, a radio / transponder interface, and more.  www.dynonavionics.com

JPI – EDM-730/830 ($1995 to $5195) – The new units have a 4” x 3” display that can be used to upgrade the existing EDM-700 and 800 line. An innovative design allows the display to be oriented in any of four configurations, depending on the space available, and covers the engine parameters.  www.jpinstruments.com

XCOM – VHF transceiver ($1,200) is now made in the USA. A remote head module ($340) is also available for those pilots who need a second control head.  www.xcomavionics.com

Trio Avionics – The Pro Pilot Autopilot system will soon be available in a rack mount configuration, instead of the previous 3 1/4" size. The new rack mount version should be available in October 2009, with the price to be determined.  www.trioavionics.com

BeyerDynamic introduced two new helicopter headsets at the show, including its HS 600 DANR headset ($699) and its HS 200 Rotor passive headset ($329). Both are available with either a standard helicopter 6 conductor plug, or a mini plug.  www.beyerdynamic-usa.com

Advanced Flight Systems AFS Autopilot ($4,950) is new is available. The unit, which is designed to interface with the EFIS or EFIS/Engine Monitor combination, provides a 2 axis autopilot to experimental aircraft. In addition, the company is expecting to be shipping its synthetic vision solution by the end of August, 2009.  www.advanced-flight-systems.com

Aspen – The AFD1000 MFD is expected to be approved in the near future, with deliveries expected to start in September 2009. The company also reported it has a new helicopter version of it’s PFD, dubbed the EFD1000H ($14,995), with the STC set to cover the Bell Jet Ranger and Long Ranger, as well as the AS350 A-Star.  www.aspenavionics.com

MGL Avionics – The new 10.4” diagonal larger Odyssey ($6000) has a TFT-LCD display. The price includes sensors for the AHARs, the engine, and an internal autopilot. Servos to activate the autopilot are available for an additional $1800.  www.mglavionics.com

L-3 Trilogy ESI-1000 ($15,000) – Designed to be the new backup for the PFDs flying in the electronic cockpit today, the new all-in-one Trilogy unit replaces the backup mechanical attitude, altitude and airspeed indicators. The unit has the same familiar glass panel look, with attitude, altitude, airspeed and an optional heading input in a compact 3.7” diagonal color Active Matrix LCD display, all of which fits into a standard 3ATI panel hole.  www.L-3com.com

R.C. Allen – RCA 2600 ($2495) Digital Attitude Indicator. This new digital indicator, which is available in 3” and 2” sizes, is designed to replace existing attitude indicators with an electronic version.  www.kellymfg.com

SolidFX FX10 Portable Aviation Information Manager ($1,595, plus chart subscription) – A paperless cockpit for the rest of us, the FX10 provides a sunlight readable black and white display. The device supports the Jeppesen eChart Reader software.  www.solidFX.com

Foresight FLIR – In one of two low-cost offerings, the Foresight FLIR system ($7,495 to $9,995) now puts the power of Infra-red viewing in the reach of more pilots. The system uses a sensor by FLIR, and has various display options.  www.foresight.aero

Helios Thermal Imaging System ($6,950). Another low-cost FLIR system includes the Thermal Imager module housed in a carbon fiber aero pod, a mount, a 7” high resolution monitor, and double shielded cabling. The unit has automatic gain and calibration, and weighs 22 ounces.  www.datatoys.com

SkyVisionXtreme – Xtreme Vision 3D ADS-B Display System ($2,300 with display and receiver). This new device brings ADS-B information into the cockpit at an affordable price. The system is simple yet functional, and where the signal is available, an ADS-B solution that does not require big glass to implement.  www.skyvisionxtreme.com

DRE – There were two new products from DRE were displayed – the new DRE-1001 ($144.95) passive headset is an improved version of its previous 1000 version, with a new flex boom mic. Also, the DRE 205es was on hand and is expected to be available in the near future. The new intercom is expandable from a two to a four or six place by plugging in another DRE intercom, has selectable music muting with auto-mute or a karaoke mode “sing-a-long” mode, and even includes a stuck mic visual and audio warning.  www.drecommunications.com

VirtualHUD – A Heads Up Display (HUD) ($3,295) that is flashed on to the back of the prop blades, and it worked. The unit is available in a portable version for certified planes, and an installable version for experimental aircraft.  www.virtualhud.com

Levil – EFIS-1831 ($4,200) A new vendor on the avionics beat, Levil had its new 10.4” diagonal EFIS-1831 on hand. The touch-screen LCD unit is priced for light sport and experimental builders to have a reasonably priced glass panel for their cockpit. The unit includes an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) and can pick up the full suite of engine data.  www.aviation.levil.com

VAL – The new COM 2000 ($1,295) is available, and is one of the thinnest Coms around at 1” high. The unit had 15 memory locations, and shows an active and standby frequency.  www.valavionics.com

Kannad 406 – A new 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) was introduced with the Kannad 406 AF-Compact ($950) model. The unit weighs less than 2 pounds, and meets all current standards. It also has an Off switch for maintenance purposes, to prevent false alarms.  www.kannad.com

Vertical Power VP-50 – This new smaller VP-50 ($1495) power management system is the little brother to the VP-100, and is sized to handle smaller experimental aircraft.  www.verticalpower.com

Flightline Systems – The previous Auricle line of engine monitors has been merged with Flightline Systems, a division of Ultra Electronics. The only change will be the name of the company.  www.ultra-fei.com

True_Flight – For those of you who remember the EchoFlight Flight Cheetah ($2,195), it is back under the True_Flight banner. This is the same system that was available previously, with weather data now provided by the XM Satellite network ($595).  www.aviationsafety.com

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