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By Dana Heimos, EAA AirVenture Today

July 30, 2009 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin  - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009 is in full swing, giving many visitors an opportunity to navigate the grounds and experience firsthand the changes made to the site this year. From new pedestrian-friendly pathways and rest areas to the relocation of the popular Aeromart and upgraded bathroom facilities, AirVenture attendees have embraced the changes with open arms and have shared their appreciation for the enhancement of the AirVenture Oshkosh experience.

Here is what a few visitors had to say:

Brad Kreidler, Glenbeulah, Wisconsin
I think the new changes are awesome! I like the new gravel roads between the vendors. It seems cleaner, and I think it creates less dust than in previous years. I think the Aeromart is in a much better location this year. It used to be that when you bought something you had to make your way all the way back to the front gate to get out with it. This is more convenient; if youre buying a bigger item, you can park closer and load it up.
Dan Hayden, West Springfield, Massachusetts
Its a lot easier to find vendors. Space is more open and seems less restrictive and is a lot easier to navigate. The [restricted vehicle zones] were a good move. Im not getting run over anymore!
Lanne Maes, Libertyville, Illinois
I think it was a great idea to move the shopping area closer to campers. Now its just a short walk from our campsite!
Bob Hass, Phoenix, Arizona
Ive been here in the past so I have a good basis for comparison. What strikes me most is the new layout of the various display areas. Access to the vendors is much easier and wider, which makes it seem less crowded. Its a much more friendly experience this year. As a camper I enjoy the new sanitary facilities as well. The showers and bathrooms are terrific upgrades.
Tom Law, Brooklyn, Iowa
Ive only missed three AirVentures since its been in Oshkosh. The changes this year look really nice. Im definitely going to need to use the new map to find my way around!
Susie Brokaw, Three Rivers, Michigan
Ive been coming to AirVenture for the past three decades, and I must say that the new upgraded bathroom facilities and flush toilets are marvelous! We have a bathroom in our camper, but I still find myself using the portable bathrooms! The amenities on site have come a long way over the years.
Gerald Balis, Waldron, Michigan
The new layout seems to have really opened up the areas around AeroShell Square, and we havent had to wait in line very long for anything. Weve been from warbirds to ultralights, and the maps and tram transportation system have been very helpful.

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