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 for Sun, Aug 3, 2008

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Volume 9, Number 8 August 3, 2008     

EAA chapters present annual awards
By Allison Reineck

Manager of EAA Chapters, Steve Buss, presented the award winners with a plaque Saturday morning during the Chapter Breakfast.

Larry Bishop

Julius Braun
Milton Ciarlariello
Tom Mueller accepted on behalf of Charles Gabelmann
Terri Gorman

The 2008 EAA Chapter Awards recognize chapter members for their personal commitment and contributions to EAA, chapters, and their fellow members.

Through these award winners, EAA members are able to stay connected and up to date on the latest happenings. They share qualities including a sense of volunteerism, accomplishment, creativity, professional achievement, and a dedication to their chapters.

The following awards were presented at the annual EAA Chapter Breakfast Saturday morning.

2008 Major Achievement Awards

Larry Bishop (EAA 106656), of Chapter 690, made numerous contributions since he joined his chapter. Currently, Bishop is the chairman of the homebuilt campground at AirVenture, is the secretary on Chapter 690’s board of directors, and is working on two projects, including a 1939 Aeronca Chief and a metal-covered Stinson 108.

He is the past president of Chapter 690 and was the driving force and leader when the chapter moved to its new location in 1994. Bishop helped organize Young Eagles Day for his chapter, which has flown 635 children. Plus, he has personally flown more than 356 Young Eagles. Bishop was instrumental in forming Mercy Flight Southeast and was recently nominated as its chairman of the board.

Julius Braun (EAA 6386), of Chapter 35, has been a member of EAA for more than 35 years and has served as president, vice president, and contributing writer for his chapter newsletter. He’s contributed to many youth programs, including the Young Eagles, Boy Scouts, and local schools.

As a retired brigadier general from the U.S. Army Reserve, Braun has been decorated with the Combat Infantryman, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, and the Legion of Merit. He worked closely with Dr. Von Braun and the German scientists who laid the groundwork for the Saturn-Apollo moon program. He continues his love of aviation through activities such as flying his own plane, rocketry, and photography.

Ciarlariello helped put three young people through pilot training. As past commanding officer of the Suffolk County Civil Air Patrol, he initiated the Sundown Patrol that flew the coastline looking for boats in distress.

Ciarlariello maintains a single- and multiengine land (SMEL) rated CFII, A&P, IA and nine aircraft. He’s attended AirVenture since 1975, missing only three conventions.

Charles Gabelmann (EAA 125809), of Chapter 87 in Bath, Maine, served as Chapter 87 president for more than 20 years and flew more than 100 Young Eagles. Plus he runs an after-school aviation group and mentors young people interested in aviation.

Gabelmann volunteers his time at Owls Head Transportation Museum as a pilot and mechanic working on antique aircraft. Plus, he works with local Boy Scouts to help them earn aviation merit badges and is a flight instructor. He’s described by his fellow chapter members as "someone the chapter can always count on."

Terri Gorman (EAA 402761), of Chapter 62, served as chapter president, vice president, secretary, and board member for Chapter 62. She’s an eight-year Young Eagles volunteer and B-17 stop volunteer.

In addition to contributions to her chapter, Gorman volunteers with Angel Flight West, the Tuskegee Airmen of San Francisco, the local Ninety-Nines, Sun ’n Fun, AirVenture, and more. She learned to fly at age 65, helped to restore a Piper Pacer, and is currently assisting on an RV-6. Gorman continues to organize two chapter fly-outs each month and contributes to her chapter newsletter.

2008 Chapter Newsletter Editor Awards

Every month chapter newsletter editors take their time, dedication, and creativity to deliver outstanding newsletters for their chapters. Through their efforts, chapter members are able to stay connected and up to date on the latest information and happenings in the aviation world. The EAA Newsletter Editor Award recognizes the excellence and dedication of these editors and is judged on content, appearance, layout, and consistency.

EAA Chapter Newsletter Editor Awards went to Steve Jones (Chapter 35), fifth place; Mike Hoover (Chapter 242), fourth place; Lori Douglas (Chapter 50), third place; Dave Kujawa (Chapter 1445), second place; and Robert Kindlund (Chapter 62), first place.

2008 Chapter Web Editor Awards

What began as simple websites for chapter members has taken off with eye-catching informative and creative works. Chapter members would not be able to receive 24 hours a day, seven days a week information without the chapter web editors. The Chapter Web Editor Award recognizes these editor’s commitment and creativity to maintain the interesting sites.

EAA Chapter Web Editor Awards went to Bob Leffler (Chapter 9), fifth place; Brett Ferrell, (Chapter 974), fourth place; Wolfgang Polack (Chapter 62), third place; Jim Smith (Chapter 1246), second place; and Lori Douglas (Chapter 50), first place.

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