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 for Fri, Aug 1, 2008

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Volume 9, Number 6 August 1, 2008     

Where Are You? is an EAA Radio hit
By Allison Reineck

EAAers and other aviation enthusiasts from around the world unable to get to Oshkosh this year are participating nonetheless thanks to live streaming of EAA Radio on the World Wide Web (www.AirVenture.org/radio/).

Here are just some of the responses received so far this week from those listening in:

From Naharia, Israel: Ex-private pilot, but great aviation lover. You are coming loud and clear on the web. You are doing a great job to bring aviation spirit to my home. Thank you and good luck to AirVenture 2008. - Yoram Shurany

Love your programming. I think you should be on 365 days a year! We are in Bryan, Ohio - home of the Etch-A-Sketch and the Dum Dum sucker. Keep up the great job! - LeRoy P. Feather

Very happy to hear you. I attended AirVenture last year, but I was unable to make it this year. So listening to EAA Radio makes me remember great memories and allows me to follow the action while Im at work. Wish Ill be there next year. Keep up the good work; we are listening to you, all week long! - Patrice, Montreal, Quebec

Listening from Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi! One comment - volume too low! Use a compressor or limiter if you are clipping. I have an audio degree; if you need any help, call me. Ryan

Im listening from Samara (which is on the Volga River), Russia. My husband has flown to Oshkosh and Im sitting with our seven-month-old son. Listening to your radio makes me closer to my husband who is over the ocean and gives me a great opportunity to listen to English. Thank you for doing a great job! - Elena Smirnova

Hello from Huntington, West Virginia. Thank you so very much for the radio broadcast. Man, I wanted to come to Oshkosh this year. I get to listen to Theater in the Woods in the evening. Again, thank you very much. - John Konieczny

Im listening to EAA Radio from a small town in Germany. Youre doing a great job over there at Oshkosh! I hope to visit the AirVenture some time in the future. Till then listening to EAA Radio is the best way to be close to the event. By the way, I look forward to listening to "Magneto Mel" later in the afternoon today. I like her for her aviation competence and for laughing so much while being on the air. Dominic

I am listening from Brisbane, Australia. Gday to all Australians! I know that the Aussies are there in force and I wish I was there also. So good to hear the EAA Radio, makes me want to be there instead of Brisbane. Next year huh!? Keep the good work going guys. - Phil Cantwell

Hello from Gloucester, England. I was hoping to be at this years show, having been at AirVenture for the past three years as part of the world media. But due to last minute work schedule, I could not make itthe show schedule looks great. I will be listening online, have a superb week. Jonathon

Hi Guys, its great to be able to join in and share AirVenture with you from Christchurch, New Zealand. This EAA Radio via the web is just what I need to feel that Im not missing out on AirVenture 2008. I love what you guys are doing and its brilliant to share in the EAA spirit from the other side of the world. Keep up the great work. Congrats! - Lachlan Falconer

We came to Oshkosh last year and had a marvelous time. Aviation is our passion and we hope to be back in 2009! Have a wonderful week - meanwhile were following everything over the Internet with great excitement! - Gerry and Evelyn Nye, Victoria, British Columbia

Listening from Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. A dirty four-letter word called "work" (gotta watch our language around the airport) got in the way of attending this year! Thanks for being a real-time link and wish we were there! - Andy Machovsky

Read more dispatches at www.AirVenture.org/radio/comments.html or tell us where you're listening.

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