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Volume 9, Number 3 July 29, 2008     

Jeppesen reinvents VFR charts and corporate identity
By James Wynbrandt

Jeppesen, the venerable aviation navigation products and services provider, unveiled a new corporate logo, a new VFR chart product, and an environmentally oriented partnership with the EAA at a press conference at AirVenture on Monday.

"We’ve adopted a very different look on purpose," said Vice President, business and General Aviation Greg Bowlin, as the new logo was projected onscreen at the event. "We’re far more than the old paper chart company."

The new logo, called "The Edge," incorporates the well-known airplane silhouette of Jeppesen’s former logo, which, through a series of stacked shapes, morphs into a form suggesting forward motion. The design symbolizes the evolution of the company’s products and services as well as its recent expansion into maritime and rail transportation markets.

"Our roots are still in aviation, but we can leverage our technology across industries," Bowlin said.

In addition to providing mission critical navigational information, the company, based in Englewood, Colorado, says its leading-edge technologies can help customers reduce consumption of resources and minimize environmental footprints. Symbolizing its concern for the environment, the company also announced a new program, "EAA and Jeppesen – Helping AirVenture Grow," a joint effort to bring more greenery to the fly in. Under the program, Jeppesen will donate evergreen trees to help beautify the AirVenture grounds.

"We are undergoing a transformation from paper to digital, reducing CD/DVD production, going web-based and reducing paper waste," Bowlin said. "Our effort to ‘give back’ with trees that can benefit so many is just one way we plan to make a difference."

Yet the company also unveiled a paper-based product likely to pique the interest of many pilots: its new VFR+GPS navigation chart series for North America.

"The new Jeppesen VFR+GPS charts represent our latest navigation solution for general aviation pilots," said Christopher Dean, product manager at Jeppesen.

Using color and contrast they make the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) charts easier to read. The charts combine aviation data with terrain features and "cultural" data from NAVTEQ , consisting of roads, cities and points of interest that are easily identified from the air. The terrain data is derived from Space Shuttle radar missions, and provides a realistic depiction of surface features. Utilizing extensive feedback from customers and market research in their design, the charts are more intuitive and easier to interpret than existing VFR charts, according to the company.

Rather than covering the Lower 48 states in the block arrangement of current VFR sectional charts, Jeppesen is dividing areas of coverage based on aviation travel patterns. This will make it more likely that pilots can use one chart for a given flight, instead of needing multiple charts as may be required for the same flight using current sectionals.

The new route chart coverage areas will initially include en route and area charts spanning the southeast from Miami to Atlanta. Complete VFR chart coverage of the Lower 48 states is expected to be complete by the end of 2009. The charts, which will be available at FBOs and pilot supply outlets, will be priced at $9.99. Though more expensive that NOAA VFR sectional charts, Jeppesen points out that pilots may need only one VFR+GPS chart for a route that requires two NOAA sectional charts to cover. Jeppesen is featuring a Special Oshkosh Commemorative Chart covering Wisconsin and Illinois during AirVenture, available at the Jeppesen tent on Knapp Street in front of Exhibit Hangar A.

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