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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh RSS FeedGarmin announces products, improvements
Garmin International had several announcements on opening day, led by the FAA-approval of the company's G600 primary flight display product line. The approval allows for the G600 to be installed on 785 different makes and models of aircraft via the supplemental type certificated approved model list on normal and utility category aircraft, including twin combustion engine and turboprop engine aircraft with a certification weight up to 12,500 pounds.

The G600 combines primary flight data including attitude and air data with navigation, weather, terrain, and traffic data displayed in an intuitive pictorial format on dual LCD displays. This large, user-friendly presentation allows pilots to quickly and efficiently scan the data so that they can stay ahead of the aircraft during all phases of flight.

Garmin also announced the release of a new audio panel for customers who have non-certificated aircraft. The new audio panel has been dubbed the GMA240 and includes a four-place stereo intercom system and support for two stereo music inputs. It has dual comm, nav, and aux audio inputs. In addition, three unswitched audio alert inputs are provided for connection to external warning tones.
The 2.5 mm front jack also makes it easy for pilots to make and receive phone calls. It has a full-duplex telephone interface with intercom isolation and disabling capability. This feature allows private telephone calls by the pilot or multi-party calls with the crew and passengers. The unit is available and sells for $895.

The company also announced the latest improvement in its data products. Pilot My-Cast by Garmin now offers notices to airmen to subscribers. This is included at the standard subscription price of $9.95 per month. In addition, Garmin announced that it has improved its customer interface needed to support the various Garmin products to keep the data for terrain, obstacles, SafeTaxi, AOPA airport data, and chart data updated. The latest update to www.Fly.Garmin.com has transformed the previous process into a three-click task, making it much simpler for Garmin product owners to quickly update all data with the exception of nav data, which receive Jeppesen updates.

For more information, visit Garmin's exhibit outside Exhibit Hangar D at AirVenture, or on the Garmin website at www.Garmin.com.


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