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AirVenture Oshkosh is the place - the only place - where legislators and aviation administrators, technicians, and field agents from all levels of government come to talk with and listen to the grass-roots aviation community - from weekend pilots and amateur builders to the top executives of the leading aviation manufacturers. Only in Oshkosh can these officials see and interact with the people who make up the spirit of aviation, and the individuals and groups that lead the industry forward.

Many of these government leaders spend the entire week at AirVenture meeting with industry experts and pilots of all experience levels to talk about the future of aviation around the world. And through the efforts of EAA and its members, the conversations and collaborative efforts that begin at Oshkosh will continue throughout the year.

At AirVenture 2008, members of the U.S. House Aviation Subcommittee will again be here to observe and learn about aviation innovation. They will take part in a public forum at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, July 28, at Sporty’s Pavilion 6, and will also meet with EAA officials and other key members of the aviation community about regulatory and legislative issues looming on the horizon.

Acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell will be at Oshkosh for several days to interact with aviation enthusiasts and for the annual “Meet the Administrator” forum, 11:30 a.m. Thursday, July 31 at Honda Aircraft Pavilion 7. The EAA community is a significant force in aviation - so much so that the FAA administrator devotes a lot of time to attending AirVenture, more than any other aviation gathering during the year.

Two key issues already loom large in discussions between FAA officials and the general aviation community this year:

  • Proposed User Fees and other provisions in the FAA funding bills now in Congress: Pressure from EAA members and the general aviation community pushed GA user fees off the table - for now. But the airlines and the administration are still pressing hard for user fees and other provisions that would hurt general aviation, and the extra time will only allow them to bolster their case.
    Action on the FAA funding bill is stalled in the Senate and no one knows what the final bill will look like, but EAA and its members will continue to fight hard against user fees and to encourage Congress to pass a fair and responsible FAA funding bill.
  • The 51% Rule: Sometime prior to AirVenture, EAA expects the FAA will issue its proposed new policy for administering and enforcing the 51% Rule - the requirement that builders complete “the major portion” of the work to construct an amateur-built airplane. The FAA recently announced that it will “grandfather” all aircraft kits approved previously under the existing Amateur-Built Category rules, a provision that the EAA community proposed and pushed hard for. EAA, FAA, and Homebuilt Aircraft Council officials will each hold public forums at AirVenture to discuss the proposed policy language.
    EAA is committed to preserving the Amateur-Built Category and the privileges and freedoms that amateur builders currently enjoy. Look for opportunities to voice your support for responsible policy in homebuilding from EAA at AirVenture and in the months to come.

These are just two of the many issues that will be addressed at AirVenture by government officials and aviation enthusiasts, in conversations, forums, and work groups. The enthusiasm and dedication of EAA members give AirVenture the importance and the credibility to make it happen with elected officials that rely on our members for sound advice and a realistic picture of the impact of aviation policy on everyday pilots from around the country.


FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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