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Will also be available online later this spring
Updates to the EAA AirVenture 2008 NOTAM have been completed and the document is currently being readied for printing by the FAA. This 32-page booklet is an absolute must if you're flying an aircraft to Oshkosh this year. It outlines all arrival/departure procedures, radio frequencies, Wittman Regional Airport details and much more. Although many of the procedures are similar to previous years, there are updates in nearly every area to enhance safety, efficiency and convenience.

This year's NOTAM cover designed by EAA's Livy Trabbold features a changing of the guard, with photos of the present Oshkosh control tower - now in its final year of operation - and the new tower that is currently being completed. The NOTAM will be available free of charge online on the www.airventure.org website, in PDF format. Advance orders for printed copies of the NOTAM are also being accepted at http://www.airventure.org/2008/flying/index.html.

If you're flying an aircraft to Oshkosh, the EAA AirVenture NOTAM is required reading and should be part of a pilot's preflight preparation.


FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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