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Fergus Chapel
The first permanent building built by EAA on the newly expanded grounds

This rustic chapel was donated to EAA by former Board member Bob Fergus of Columbus, Ohio. He gave the chapel as a memorial to his brother, John, in 1981. The chapel is the first permanent building built by EAA on the newly expanded grounds. Prior to that, convention activity had been limited to the area of the flight line.

The chapel is listed in the county office as a "meeting hall", and rightly so, since without pews it resembles an old New England meeting hall, many of which feature large fireplaces such as Fergus. The pews were rescued from an old country church and brought here by Paul Poberezny. Refinished and installed, they give the chapel the appearance of a typical rural Wisconsin church. The unique collection plate is another of Paul's contributions.

Outside the chapel is the EAA Memorial Wall. The name plaques are in memory of members and friends of EAA who have passed on.

To the east, opposite the Memorial Wall is Compass Hill.

Other appointments in the chapel are gifts from members and friends of EAA. The altar and lectern were made in the wood shop by EAA employees who were also the builders of the chapel. The stained glass windows are the gift of another Board member, John Beetham. John's daughter designed and created the windows, which are a memorial to John's mother.

The chapel study is a recent addition. It is named as a memorial for Audrey Poberezny's mother, Lillian Ruesch. The stained glass windows in the study are dedicated to Paul's parents, Jettie and Peter Poberezny. Peter was the first EAA docent. In addition to serving as a chapel office, the study is a quiet retreat where the chaplains can bring those who are in any kind of emergency situation and need a quiet place to gather themselves.

The office desk served as the first desk used when EAA was founded. Steve Wittman donated his office chair, which he used for many years in his hangar office. Steve also donated the aviation art which decorates the walls of the study.

The chapel setting is perfect for weddings, baptisms, or memorial services. Map of Fergus Chapel location.

FUTURE AIRVENTURE DATES: 2014: July 28-Aug. 3; 2015: July 20-26; 2016: July 25-31; 2017: July 24-30
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